Clear Airtight Stackable Food Storage Container


Clear Airtight Stackable Food Storage Container

These gorgeous airtight food storage containers are perfect for the kitchen and pantry organisation. These are ideal to maximise space whilst still making your home look uniform and organised.

Add a touch of colour, in either pink or blue seal lids. What’s more, they are stackable! What’s not to love.

  • Sealed Tank
  • Eco-friendly
  • PP + PET
  • Plastic
  • Moisture-proof
  • High Capacity
  • Space Saving
  • Wide Mouth Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • Available in: Pink Ring and Blue Ring
  • Capacity: 250ml,350ml,550ml,700ml
  • Size: 8.5×7.5cm; 8.5x10cm; 8.5x15cm; 8.5×18.5cm


Package: Individual package (One piece)