Food Storage Fridge Organiser Containers

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Food Storage Fridge Organiser Containers

Tired of sifting through a messy fridge or cupboard?

Do you end up with items going off because you forgot about it?

Then this transparent fridge storage containers will help. No more mouldy food.

These transparent storage containers allows you to see exactly what you have and how much of it. The handles allows you to pull the containers out with ease, so you know what items you have at the back of the fridge. What’s more, they are stackable! Enabling you to maximise that fridge space. A win-win situation. Plus FREE Delivery!!!

  • Transparent
  • Include Lid
  • Movable vents on Lid
  • Drain Holes on Bottom of Container
  • Anti-Skid Foot Pad
  • Foldable Drain Board
  • Available in Single Layer and Double Layer Boxes