Large Stuffed Dinosaur Toy


Large Stuffed Dinosaur Toy

If your little one loves dinosaurs, then this cute soft plush dinosaur toy is a must-have. It is guaranteed to delight babies, toddlers and older kids. This would make a wonderful gift too.

The perfect toy to accompany your little one in their Roaring adventures!

  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Stuffed Dinosaur Toy
  • Soft Plush Material
  • Material: Cotton
  • Size: Measurement from Head to Tail
  • Zipper On Side

Hug it. Squeeze it.
It’s yours to love.

Are you a fan of dinosaurs? Our Squishy Super Plush Toy is a loveable toy that’s a great addition to your couch, bed, or office room. Available in 4 sizes and 3 colours, we’ve got something for everyone.
Our dinosaurs are made of polypropylene cotton for the ultimate squeezable toy. You can lay on it, sleep on it, hold it…and feel warm and comfy.

A gift for anyone

From aspiring tiny palaeontologists to dinosaur-loving children, our Squishy Dinosaur Plush Toy is a perfect gift for anyone. Who doesn’t love a cosy, loving dino friend?